4 types of Daravin branded ligaments

The cam buckle fastener is a wonderful lashing band. You can tie the products on a motorbike really just without needing to invest all the work as employing an flexible group. It's time to use and change a whole new, more convenient and exceptional merchandise. Here are 4 types of Daravin brand name lanyards.

Cam sequence buckle 35 version 8m very long - 900kg stress.

Cam sequence buckle model 35 6m very long - 900kg fill.

Camera chain buckle 25m very long 5m - weight 250kg.

Cam sequence buckle 25 edition 3m long - fill 250kg.

Features of Daravin's lanyard

Fulfills European manufacturing specifications.

Made of completely durable, large-task polyester.

Tiny dimensions, may be put within the backpack, vehicle trunk, instrument package.

The item assures substantial occupational basic safety, obtained the German TUV official document.

Daravin works with custom-produced sizes.

Our company is manufacturer and distributor of cargo protection ropes. Make sure production steps according to European standards.

We are committed to marketing items that are evaluated for quality and packaging.

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